Kerri Krizer



My name is Kerri Krizer, professional dancer, choreographer, and model. I am a multi-faceted artist with a passion for creativity and a burning desire for inspiration. To live a life of expression is of great importance; to me it is the embodiment of freedom. I strive to live in a constant state of inspiration, to be able to see the beauty in every occurrence from each breath to the next.  
I have been trained in classical ballet since the age of three, although I have accumulated a plethora of experience with many other styles as well along the way. I have danced with many professional dance/performance companies around the US and have also danced  for various music festivals and events. My need for creative expression forms another outlet through modeling as well. I have been blessed to work with and learn from many amazingly talented individuals and I am always open to new concepts and collaborations. Whether on stage or in front of a camera, I feel it is my duty to give all that I have to the art.